Making the Most of Your CBD

For those new to the concept of microencapsulation, it can seem abstract, confusing, or simply irrelevant to your daily life. But at its basic level, the idea is quite simple—and…

WTF is a pattern?

On our website we talk about Kaleidoscope as a pattern for daily balance. That’s because we think about each human body as having a distinct pattern, a unique operating system. Our…

Letter from the CEO

Dear friends, You might agree that CBD is everywhere, right? You can get in tincture, gummy-bear, and bath bomb form. Hell, you can even get in a rocket ship suppository…


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Kaleidoscope Labs

the cbd for me™

Kaleidoscope Labs is an innovative wellness brand that provides semi-customizable CBD-based supplements with a cutting-edge delivery system. The CBD-based capsules are designed to utilize an innovative microencapsulation technology which increases the bioavailabilty of the CBD and other ingredients in each pill. Nurturing body and mind, Kaleidoscope Labs promotes health and creates a sense of well-being and balance based on one’s unique pattern. Available in five formulations – Wake, Sleep, Soothe, Glow & Boost – the supplements are meant to be stacked, mixed and combined based on the user’s specific wellness goals and needs and to leverage the compounding effect of CBD.