Letter from the CEO

Dear friends, You might agree that CBD is everywhere, right? You can get in tincture, gummy-bear, and bath bomb form. Hell, you can even get in a rocket ship suppository or infused in avocado toast… hopefully, from different places. But seriously, about a year ago I thought what if, despite all the noise in the CBD world, the right product, the product I truly wanted, simply hadn’t been developed yet? I was a big advocate of CBD and saw this mad rush of people entering the space yet couldn’t seem to find the product that was right for me. So that’s what I set out to create: the CBD for me. And, really, the CBD I believe is for all of you. I’ve built Kaleidoscope because I want to deliver a functional product that has truly helped me be a more productive version of myself. I set out to bring clarity and science to an overcrowded universe where most of the current products fall short; a universe in which even the products that are revolutionary and effective don’t work best for me on an everyday basis. I wanted my CBD to be functional, not recreational. To be taken every single day, combined with the benefits of a host of other ingredients, and ingested through a delivery mechanism designed to gets as much of the good stuff into your system as humanly possible. So that’s what I’ve done with Kaleidoscope. It’s simple and to the point. It’s developed with an eye toward real science. And I hope, with all sincerity, that our product won’t merely be the CBD for me but will be the CBD for everyone. Central to our ideals as a business is the belief that all for profit organizations must do good in the world, which is why we’re proud to introduce Kaleidoscope Gives Foundation (KGF). We created Kaleidoscope Gives Foundation (KGF) as the non-profit arm of Kaleidoscope Labs to help fund a variety of not-for-profits who champion the causes we care about in the cannabis industry. A percentage of sales from each bottle of Kaleidoscope product sold will go towards KGF, which then provides grants to fund various not-for-profit organizations and ventures doing exceptional things for the cannabis industry, the planet, and society. Thanks for coming along on this crazy hemp derived ride with us. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our products. Please share your stories and experiences with us. We’re itching to hear them. And yes I hope, with all sincerity, that our product won’t merely be the CBD for me but will be the CBD for everyone. Yours, Ana Rosenstein Founder & CEO, Kaleidoscope

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Kaleidoscope Labs

the cbd for me™

Kaleidoscope Labs is an innovative wellness brand that provides semi-customizable CBD-based supplements with a cutting-edge delivery system. The CBD-based capsules are designed to utilize an innovative microencapsulation technology which increases the bioavailabilty of the CBD and other ingredients in each pill. Nurturing body and mind, Kaleidoscope Labs promotes health and creates a sense of well-being and balance based on one’s unique pattern. Available in five formulations – Wake, Sleep, Soothe, Glow & Boost – the supplements are meant to be stacked, mixed and combined based on the user’s specific wellness goals and needs and to leverage the compounding effect of CBD.