WTF is a pattern?

On our website we talk about Kaleidoscope as a pattern for daily balance. That’s because we think about each human body as having a distinct pattern, a unique operating system. Our product line is designed to work with the body’s own system. I personally take Sleepevery night and Wake most mornings. I say most, because let’s be honest, who remembers to take their vitamins every morning without fail? During the ski season I add in Soothe or swap it out for either my Sleep or my Wake capsules depending on how my body is feeling that day. But I do my best to maintain my internal drumbeat, my pattern.

Kaleidoscope is by no means a quick fix – we see it as a long term solution, one that requires daily compliance, patience, and consistency to see true results. Yes, the Sleep formula may help with sleep on the particular night it’s taken, but changing the pattern, altering the body’s efficacy, requires more than a one time solution.

I discovered this firsthand about two years ago when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. It’s incredibly common and nothing I have to worry too much about. But it taught me the importance of daily compliance. Just like my thyroid took a few weeks to respond to my daily intake of synthroid, I have found that other vitamins behave the same way in my body.

We offer Kaleidoscope in a subscription model because it’s the easiest way for us to practice what we preach: the best way to engage with the body’s pattern is to take Kaleidoscope’s formulations every day, over an extended period of time, without the daily balance being interrupted by the need to reorder each month.

– Ana Rosenstein


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Kaleidoscope Labs is an innovative wellness brand that provides semi-customizable CBD-based supplements with a cutting-edge delivery system. The CBD-based capsules are designed to utilize an innovative microencapsulation technology which increases the bioavailabilty of the CBD and other ingredients in each pill. Nurturing body and mind, Kaleidoscope Labs promotes health and creates a sense of well-being and balance based on one’s unique pattern. Available in five formulations – Wake, Sleep, Soothe, Glow & Boost – the supplements are meant to be stacked, mixed and combined based on the user’s specific wellness goals and needs and to leverage the compounding effect of CBD.